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Ascend Studio

Prima Insurance began in Italy, where over 2.5 million drivers have insured through them since 2015. Now they're in the UK, ready to serve millions more motorists.

Prima believe in creating an innovative, positive place to work, where everyone is encouraged to speak up, be themselves and challenge the standard way of doing things.

To drive this growth in the UK, Prima are now looking for people who want to make a real impact, and work as a team to make complex insurance stuff simple. To find these people, Prima came to Dusted for a radical, eye catching and engaging recruitment campaign which would attract bright, enthusiastic, ambitious individuals looking for a great opportunity.

The visual concept we came up with focused on transparency, openness and clarity of vision. To communicate these ideas, we created a repeating circular device which became, in essence, a looking glass into the world of Prima and its employees - a window into the way they operate. 


This creative message and the positive philosophy of the company were also reinforced by the photography which was bright, welcoming and inclusive, just like Prima.

Campaign launch
Brand identity
Website design

Website development

Image curation


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