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The University of Portsmouth was building a new £53 million sports centre which opened in 2021. To promote the opening of the new centre, and create a buzz in and around Portsmouth, the university needed design work for a complete launch campaign.


A flexible grid system was devised which used the interplay of colour, type and squares to create an active, playful and welcoming energy, which was reinforced and supported by the vibrant university brand colour palette. In addition, the new PLAY. TRAIN. COMPETE. strapline emphasised that everyone was welcome at the new sports centre – from beginners to keep-fit enthusiasts to elite athletes.


The new launch creative work was applied across all of the centre’s advertising, promotional and membership materials, including the website, emails, outdoor banners, leaflets, posters, local advertising, social media channels, membership cards and timetables.

Campaign launch
Brand identity
Website design

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Whistle Jacket 

The University of Portsmouth is building a new 53 million pound sports centre which is scheduled to open in 2021. In light of this decision, the University required a creative solution for its sports promotion of the facility. 


The "Play, Train, Compete" strapline was applied to a flexible square system where the interplay of colour, type and squares sets a playful, active and welcoming tone reinforced by the Portsmouth brand colours.

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