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GO1OX is the brainchild of Sam Keisner, a finance expert with over five years’ experience across the venture capital and private equity sectors. He is now using his investment and finance know-how to help growing businesses that inspire him.


The mission of GO1OX is to support entrepreneurs with big ideas through their early stage growth, by validating product concepts, developing bespoke technologies, streamlining operations and bringing in investment.


It’s an intensive four-month programme that brings together the resources, infrastructure, network and experience Sam can draw on to take ideas from conception to launch and scale.


Sam asked us to develop a complete corporate identity for GO10X. Our concept is based around a video of an explosion of balls – a striking visual metaphor for the energy and excitement of starting a new venture. The white space is a key element of the identity and reflects the clarity and simplicity of the tech products GO10X are supporting.




Ascend Studio


Corporate Identity



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