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Equall is where efficiency meets accuracy. The company has been at the forefront of data management since 1994, and were actually Microsoft’s first Gold Certified Partner for business intelligence services in 1998. 


Today, Equall are proud to consistently deliver worldwide enterprise reconciliation, financial control and data management solutions to some of the biggest firms in the asset management, banking and insurance sectors. 


Their main headquarters are in Glasgow and they have major satellite offices in Edinburgh, London and New York. Their dedicated team of experts have wide-ranging experience in finance, regulation and technology, and have supported software roll-outs in many leading organisations.


Clearly, this is an impressive global business founded on precision, accuracy and reliability. So for this brand launch, we devised a simple and streamlined graphical arrow device to suggest direction, and the swift exchange of information from one database to another. In addition, the repeated shapes are sharp and contrasting, with clean edges and bold colours to communicate efficiency, clarity and transparency. 

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