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Cuvva is an innovative new brand that has disrupted the whole car insurance market. 


It offers motorists fast, flexible, short-term cover that lasts from one hour up to 28 days on a rolling monthly subscription. So now it’s easy if you need to borrow a car for a short while or drive a new one home. And it’s all arranged with just a few taps through the Cuvva app.


The team at Cuvva approached Hell Yeah with a brief for a total rebrand of the business. To reflect this dynamic, young, modern brand I created something radically different with none of the usual clichéd car insurance images.


We brought a subtle futuristic feel to the brand work through the use of vibrant colour, quirky illustrations and icons, and a strong and distinctive use of type.


Underpinning it all is the concept of the main gradient graphic. This powerfully communicates the idea of protection, as well as the progressive thinking and smart approach of this bold new company.


Campaign launch
Brand identity
Website design

Website development

Image curation

Hell Yeah 

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