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Avarto Financial Solutions are a leading supplier of outsourced credit management services right across the UK.

Every year, they manage millions of accounts on behalf of their clients and are committed to being a trusted and reliable business partner. Their company ethos is, ‘Where convenient and easy financial services support today’s lifestyle. For happy

Now, Avarto have created a user-friendly app that helps you manage all of your banking and finances through one clear customer interface.


It’s dynamic, radical and ground-breaking. And so the visual identity we created had to share these same innovative qualities. Our striking design solution effortlessly communicates the efficient, seamless transaction cycle that people experience
when using the new Avarto app. 
In particular, the looping video highlights the infinite, streamlined ebb and flow of finances, all brought to life by a futuristic colour palette.

All in all, our visually stunning work exudes an aura of individuality, to perfectly represent this independent fintech company which stands alone in the crowded banking app market.




Ascend Studio


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